Repair Request Follow Up

Please use this page if you have reached out to Wyman Property Management more than once regarding a repair request and you have not received a response. Click the Create a new topic button (below) and briefly describe your request and the date you originally contacted Wyman. 

The info you provide below will be referenced by Board members to keep track of the needs of our community. This page is NOT meant for airing grievances. If you are taking the time to post to this page, it is already assumed you are frustrated and just want your issue resolved. This page is to create more visibility for your issue and to allow Board members to intervene as necessary.

IMPORTANT: Any post on this page and all subsequent comments are emailed to everyone in Brookside who has an account on the website. Therefore, any post or comment that isn't specific to describing the issue you are having will be removed by the administrator of this website. Again, this page is for raising the visibility of a specific issue to the Board (and Wyman).